Our tasks

  • Creating a project logo 
  • Creation of web and facebook pages of the project 
  • Questionnaires for students of all schools concerning the project and the countries involved 
  • Working with etwinning on the project

  • Project Days at Schools - Mapping School Environment, European Parliament Elections, Getting Acquainted with Schools and Work in the Environment, International Project Days

  • Establishment of a Constitution for further parliamentary activities


September 2019 - June 2022

  • Each trip is attended by 6 pupils and 2 teachers. 
  • Duration of the trip: 6 days 
  • At the trips, children will attend lessons and will have the opportunity to get to know the system of foreign education. Besides, we will visit many interesting places and we will work together on a project concerning the Student Parliament. 
  • Accommodation and meals will be provided in the host families. 
  • All costs are covered by the Erasmus project. 
  • It will be the responsibility of the host family to provide food, accommodation and transport to the school and events we will organize for the children of the project.